Philosophy & Experience

Making the choice to come to therapy is an important decision. Apart from the clinical training and skill of your counselor, the most important part of your experience is the therapeutic relationship. Most people who come to counseling need to talk about things that make them feel vulnerable when spoken out loud. I understand that, and this is why I put so much importance on building a trusting relationship. In order for you to say everything exactly how you mean it and to express yourself fully, you need to feel genuinely safe and free of judgment.

My first goal as a therapist is to provide a stable, safe environment where you are free to express yourself completely. I have extensive experience working with all levels of trauma, from mild to severe, and the resulting conditions such as depression, anxiety, relationship and identity issues, and others.

I have treated a variety of clinical issues including (but not limited to): bipolar disorder, relationship issues, couple/family conflict, existential/spiritual issues, ACOA issues, childhood or recent trauma: physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and issues related to being gifted/highly sensitive.